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The Revolution® brings the convenience of automatic scoring and the feel of steel TM to your home.

The Bristle dart board is mounted in a rich wood dart cabinet with dart holders and comes with a "Flash Start" Remote Controller.   With the addition of The Revolution® electronic dart board, your rec room equipment will be the envy of the neighborhood.  Order yours today and receive a FREE set of steel and soft tip darts.


The Revolution® Electronic Dart Board Features:

  • 33 Games
  • 2 Dart Board Cabinet Color Choices (Mahogany and Maple)
  • All the Classics like cricket, 301, 901, etc
  • Three games unique to The Revolution®
  • Points-per-dart averaging on all -01 games
  • Four player competition & Handicapping option
  • Solo play against the computer challenger with 8 skill levels
  • Dart Fallout - subtracts dart value
  • Automatic Player Change (no need to push a button)
  • Voice scoring and laser sound effects
  • Replaceable and rotatable dartboard
  • Replaceable Number Ring
  • EZ-Mount wall hanging hardware
  • No moving parts!


Electronic Bristle Dart Board


Electronic Bristle Dart Board


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